A rainy day….

This family has been customers since day one of my business. They are dear to my heart and I have watched Lil J grow up, our first session was when he was about 3 months old and now he is a Big Boy and a Big brother! They live in Atlanta so I dont get to see them that often, so anyway the day of our session it was very rainy and kinda yucky so we just stayed on the front porch.

This is my new favorite picture………..I know I say that alot…….but I do mean it! This just “whispers to my heart”……….if you knew just how gentle this Grandad is and how he is sooo patient and so loving with these boys. Actually with everyone, he is just an awesome Ole’ soul!

THis is Lil B~ he was not feeling well and was not into me AT all~ which you all know I just cant stand it! So I tried all my tricks but not today! You can see in Grandma’s hands~yes blackmail…cheerios…didnt work either……but I did get this lil sneak grin! But I think the image above was worth the whole day!!
Anyone that knows “J” knows what his favorite thing is…..one guess….its green…..loud….and Granddaddy has alot of them….yep…John Deere Tractors….
We took his picture on this porch a long time ago…wow how he has grown!
So after just a few minutes we decided today was just not going to be our day. So we go inside and pack up the camera, and the adult talk begins….well we look over and this is what we see. Yes, you know a babe is sick when this is what he does all on his own……..so sweet and pitiful!
Boys~it was soo good to see you and I look forward to your next visit! Lil B I sure hope you are feeling better!!


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