About Mandy


hi y’all.  i am quite honored already that you landed here on my little piece of the world. to keep it simple, i just love people. i love families, everything that stands for-the good, the bad & the ugly & the beauty that it all creates. I love how love can make you smile and melt a little and just want to touch someone. i love that tiny babies cling to their mamas chest and that little boys love to hang on daddy’s neck. i have two grown kids (21 & 17) so i remember those things but sadly don’t have them all documented. i married my high school sweetie & spend days dreaming and laughing with him. we are building our dream farmhouse and “mini farm” so that we can live as simple, joyful and crazy as we want! my life is crazy awesome because so many of you share your littles with me, that is a HUGE deal to me and i am so grateful. my goal is for you to walk away from the time with me and think…. man that was so fun & easy and I LOVE HER  🙂  no but really.



if you’re looking for the more formal version of who i am…

well there really isn’t one. because I’m as far from formal as they come. but yes i have won a few awards, i photograph some crazy famous people & some magazines thought enough of my work to show it off a little. sure that stuff is super fun but really is no where near as awesome as my annoying laugh. NOW that is awesome.



what is more important is YOU. your story, what makes you smile and laugh, what makes you cry and wrap up with a blanket and snuggle. that is what i want to see, document and share.

i think we will be great friends (if your a nice person), i can’t wait to meet you and your little awesome family.



photo above by the lovely Nichole Burnett.