Meet Lil Miss A…she is my neighbor and my third child! She has grown up with her Aunt Mamby snapping a camera in her face and that beautiful smile…makes you melt! She truly has the best hair…Now that she is a bit older she can walk over all by herself (of course not knowing mom is watching every step from the window) we will just be sitting around and the door opens….she comes in takes her crocs off and never says a word..just plops in my lap..DOES it get any better than that?? OF course she thinks Molly hung the moon and wants to play with everything in her room, which sometimes Molly allows 🙂
I had just finished a session in the new studio and her and Molly came in to play…photo op!!!!

Surprise mom!!
Dont even ask what Molly has on????? She puts all of the studio “props” on…arent they so sweet. I just love how they love each other!


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