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I decided to offer another blog only special. Are you one of those clients that after the ordering session is done and you get your prints you wish you would of went bigger? Well dont worry there are many out there. You are not alone. I really try to express that bigger is better! An 8×10 does not belong on a wall unless its in a large grouping! Really a 11×14 does not either unless on a small wall or in a grouping. So if you want to go back and order a wall portrait from an older session here is your chance. You may order from any previous session ( where hte order has been placed and paid for and delivered), order any wall size 16×20 and larger and receive 30% off! Yes what a deal!!! what a great christmas gift this would be. So you have until the 25th to contact me!!


Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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