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Hello all of you beautiful peeps out there. Im sorry to interrupt our normal blogging but I need to spread some studio news….-insert news music-

The schedule is now booked through June. May is completely done and limited sessions in June. Please do not wait much longer to book for this summer. Also, I know we are not ready to think about fall but Fall dates are already being booked and you know the past few years I have had to turn away alot of customers for Christmas pictures and cards. So book now!! Its really not too early to think about doing your cards, how fun would it be to send out pictures of  the kids playing in the sprinkler in the yard or hanging out in a know you would love it! Remember sessions are limited and you need to contact us asap.

ON a personal note and kinda buisness too~ Without going into great detail, I am having surgery on June 18th, I will be out for at least two weeks and maybe more, just depending on things. So most of the end of June the loft will be closed for sessions. We will still be processing sessions, orders and meeting for ordering sessions. Please be a bit more patient with me in returning emails and calls during this time. I will have some help so dont be surprised if you hear from some other wonderful lil voice 🙂 IF noone else will do the best way to reach ME will be through email. Please let me know if this will conflict with anything NOW, so i can try to have everything running smoothly!

Love to you all!!~all my blessings



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