borrowing Gods eyes and using His heart.


My prayer this morning was that the youth group and adults would see people the way that the Lord sees them, that they could love only the way He can. That all of us could help others and help ourselves at the same time, the way He wants us to. I know this isnt my typical post. Im afraid these portraits are not of cute adorable lil babes but rather a small group of homeless people in Nashville. This is a ministry I have wanted to start for quite a while and after our first trip today I hope and pray we will be able to continue to do this more and more often! Meet Miss Betty who has the biggest blue eyes and smile. SHe is quite hysterical and keeps all of these men together! Then you have Anthony, a big guy of stature but the shyest of the group, he was a little unsure of having me photographing him, but who can say no to my sweet lil face..right? 🙂 After that you have Robert, a very intelligent man, he had lots to talk about and was open with us and the kids about his hurt hand. He had gotten sick and tried to end his own life, he is better now and asked for some warm slip on shoes as he has trouble putting shoes on. Last you have Kayce, defiantly the most outgoing and happy to give us a tour of their homes. Homes that consist of tents made out of tarps and plastic, inside you will find a wide array of items. One might look at their home and feel sorry for them, or wonder how they survive in those conditions. I know I have. but if you take a little bit of time and talk to them, they are proud of what they have, they were very secretive about where they are located. They do not want any of the “rift raft” bothering them. They love their home on the river, no complaints of how cold it is, as we all stood around freezing. We delivered several boxes of food, tarps, blankets, clothes and misc items to them, Just a little something to try and make their days a lil brighter and better. Walking away from them was one of the hardest things I ever done. I wanted to know more,help more and pray more. As we got in our nice heated cars its hard not to rethink some things, rethink life and the people in it. Those are Gods people just as I am. We just have different stories and different paths. I know our paths will cross again as we have already started planning our next trip to see them, we have a new list of items that they need. So please pray for them, for all of the homeless people.


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