boy…boys…house full of boys…

Yesterday in the cold yucky rain I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mr. A and baby B. Their very sweet mom drove them out to meet me and we had a blast. ABout 10 mins before they pulled in I realized my lights were not working so we used all natural light in the studio and A and I went out and froze, well I froze he loved it!! I think it was so worth it, he was such a fun sweet boy. We talked about race cars (which you can barely see in the wagon, lil yellow one), we talked about picking flowers and mainly talked about what a BIG boy he is!! I could of hung out with them all day!

Baby B stayed in the studio where it was nice and warm. He was rudely awakened by my camera in his face. Sorry B! But he like his brother did wonderful and we got some wonderful new images for mom and dad.
I looooove this one of A. Shows how spunky he is!

See I knew he would warm up to me 🙂 Look at that sweeeet smile! I know you just want to squeeze him.

MS N~Thank you so much for sharing your sweet boys with me!


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