Client Style Tips

What do we wear??

I know this part seems daunting at times. It really will make a huge difference in your portraits if you spend a few minutes planning out your wardrobe. Now that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all new pieces for everyone or even spend hours putting it together! Every session will be different, every family will be different. That is why we talk in full about this at your pre consult. Depending on your location and your family we will come up with a great plan. So don’t stress, we will make it happen!

I love pinterest. I have to avoid it when I have lots to get done 🙂 I started a board with clothing options that I LOVE for clients. Hopefully this will help you get started with ideas, pay attention to the colors, the textures, that is what will make a huge difference in your portraits. Notice, no one has on matchy matchy outfits, we don’t want you to be boring! We want you to look like YOU just better accessorized 🙂 heehee

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