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boys. they are just boys. no matter where you take them, they are still boys! i LOVE boys. they are fun, a lil wild, rough, honest, loud, a lil crazy & most of them know just how to pull on their mamas (& my) heartstrings! these two are no exception. mom did this session as a surprise for their daddy (if you know him…shhhh its a secret) & i just know he is going to be so thrilled. we had such a great time playing around and we have so many great images to go through. these two are so funny, they laugh together alot, the lil one cant stop smiling…he just cant. they love all sports, gymnastics & they love their sweet mom. they were so good for us, full of manners and sweetness. thank you!! 🙂  such a great age to capture! such a great time in their lives to capture & display on the walls. i can just see mom and dad now…walking by these years from now and stopping to stare for a moment. remember when….

they just grow soo fast!

hope your day is great. hope your spending it with people you love, or at least like alot, & i hope to see you soon!



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