franklin childrens photographer | freedom.

i think every artist goes through stages, changes in thier art. i can look back over these last few years and see so many through my photography. it is pretty amazing, a little scary and a little awesome all at the same time. i am so appreciative of the freedom to always change and grow. to constantly see life in a different way. to preserve precious memories in a different light. its so revealing of my soul & my life but it all comes out through your life and your beautiful children. as always i am grateful and in awe of my Lord and the abundant blessings he gives me.

i was gifted a new studio but more than that i was gifted yet another stage in my journey. a different way to see life. a different view. it is simple, classic and oh so beautiful. this room, the house it pours out classic happiness 🙂 it is so open and freeing. its so inspiring.

soo thankful for my clients that allow this to happen and help me along the way. xo



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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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