franklin children’s photographer |laughs and curls.

Sometimes they arrive a lil hesitant. They don’t want to play, or talk or change clothes or really even get out of mommys arms. So we just start slow, talk a little softer and wait. There is always a way into their hearts, Im not sure how I find it but 99% of the time I do. This beautiful curly haired beauty just really didn’t want to be here. She said NO about 100 times in the first 20 mins she was in the studio. She was ok putting her tutu on but only above her pants  🙂 see below I LOVE IT!

She began to talk a little and even agreed to show me her beautiful white dress. After that well you can see what happened. The heavens opened and her sweet exuberant smile appeared and well lets just say we all left with sore cheeks from laughing and smiling so much. Mission accomplished.

Children fill me up. They complete my soul. Their honesty, innocence and sense of love is quite amazing if you slow down enough to see it. They know if you truly love them and care for them. You can’t fake that. I am 1000% grateful for the love they give back.



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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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