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wow. to say im behind blogging would probably be the biggest understatement this year. our crazy fall season took off and it never let go. every year i wander if we will be as busy as the year before. you guys never left me down. i am over and over again humbled and calmed by your presence & your love. this year i was thrilled and honored to meet soo many new families, i love to hear how you found me, why you called and to see your face light up at the end. the end, where we show up to install your beautiful wall galleries or the when you come by to pickup your beauties. i sometimes forget that this isnt just a job. i know its my passion, a passion mixed with a love for Gods people and a desire to give you a gift. the gift of a moment stopped forever. our kids are growing at crazy speeds, things just dont last and to be able to capture a look, a lil dance, a laugh and intimate moments for you, well lets just say its the best gift in the world. i love admiring older photographs, looking at the people the lighting, the clothing and most importantly the relationship between the people. i secretly admit 🙂 that i love to vision kids as adults and looking at my pictures. remembering those moments with their siblings and parents. i love to vision the beautiful pieces hanging in their homes later in life. it truly makes my heart leap!!  Of course, so many of you have been around MJP for years…those of you that have invited me into your homes and life over these years……….thank you is not enough. I love you, each and everyone and hold all of you so dear! Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for letting me love your kids and for letting them love me!

mjp has grown so much over the year and its all thanks to you. we really do no advertising, a few events here and there but for the most part our business is built on word of mouth, word from you great mamas out there ( and a few dads) 🙂 we have some new beautiful goodies for anyone that refers us a client. please make sure they tell us you sent them!!

just like every year, we will be closing after today for a while. we close most of january just to rest, spend time with family and just be. i am still working for our Grow with Me babies and for any newborns. If you are expecting and haven’t let us know please emails us asap so we can add you to the list. I am already working on some fun FUN things for spring and for 2012!!

stay tuned. on my time off i will start to load the blog with all of the beautiful sessions from this fall. there are alot of adorable people that need to be shared!!

so for today. i pray you all have a Merry Merry Christmas. that you can stop the madness for a moment and breathe in the beauty of your family. enjoy christmas morning, its memories you will cherish always. (trust me its not the same once they are teens) bake lots, watch silly movies, play. play. play.

love you all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo



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