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Some of you have written and asked about my new love affair with film. Isn’t it funny how we really just don’t appreciate some things until they are gone. How sad that is, but I am for sure guilty of it. When I started this journey as a photographer I was using a 35mm film camera, I was so new and young and uneducated but I had a huge love for photography and bought the best my budget allowed for. Little did I know that the world of medium format film was out there and boy was I missing out. Very soon after i started digital cameras came into the photography world and I couldn’t wait to jump ship and start all anew with digital. Most of the industry did, we thought this is sooo much better, we can dooo sooo much more. And lets be honest, we can. The digital world is HUGE, its endless, add in photoshop and well its really endless! I realized quickly I hated editing and processing images in PS, after too much they just didn’t feel real to me. Why would I take this perfect moment between mom and baby and try to make it look like something it wasnt? I quickly realized I wanted to add just as little processing as I could. So I for years I have done very little processing to my images. Of course its so nice to be able to touch up a little bruise or pimple or something like that , those are things we don’t really need to remember 🙂  So while Im super grateful for my digital, and I LOVE my current digital camera, its beautiful. Its fast and it can rock out some stellar images that be enlarged HUGE. Its pretty rad.

Then….. I was introduced to film. again… And well I was hooked from the first roll. That feeling came back of anticipation and wander. After receiving the files back I suddenly remember the depth, the feeling and true magic that only a roll of film can capture. I know most people will never be able to tell the difference but for me its so meaningful and makes my photography passion soar!

Slowly I am working film into MJP, its super expensive to buy, to have developed, its worth it.

These beautiful images were captured all in stunning bw film. Aren’t they lovely, Isn’t she divine. Waiting on a baby, its the perfect kind of waiting.


Mandy Johnson Photography, Nashville Tn photographer, Franklin Tn photographer, children photography,_0125Mandy Johnson Photography, Nashville Tn photographer, Franklin Tn photographer, children photography,_0126


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