Happy Mommy’s Day!!!

To all of the wonderful Mothers in the blog world……………..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I think this day should come around more than once a year. Ya know, think about it. Us mothers work our bottoms off(big or small) to keep everyone happy, healthy, clean, fed, on time, clothed, active, content and LOVED!! So we should at least get two days a year that our lil ones HAVE to be nice to us and HAVE to behave and not fight! We should be allowed to sit in the tub with a beer (or wine for your fancier people) and read a book (or a social mag) or we should as adults be able to look into our own mommy’s eyes and just realize what they have done for us! But I guess one day will just have to do. Maybe we could have a Woman Rock this World Day! Now that sounds like a plan. OK, anyway I hope you all got to do Whatever you wanted to do today. My day started last night, I received a brand new pizza cutter from Phoenix (we make alot of homemade pizzas and last week my cutter broke….wow he actually remembered!) a Swivel sweeper from Molly ( i mentioned a while back I wanted one..she is SOOO good!) and from my wonderful sweet hubby a beautiful cedar front porch swing! I have wanted a new one for a while and he hung it late last night and we just sat in the rain and listened and swang (is that a word)! (swing, swang, swung..right???) It was perfect!! He had to work at the hall today so me and the kids were on our own. We went to church and then to Subway for lunch with my sister and mom. Then I took a 3 hour nap on my moms couch…what is it about your moms house that is just sooo peaceful and comfy? Is it her smell, is it the notion of being safe, or is it just because she is there? Im not sure maybe its all of the above. My mother is truly the greatest mom, I just cant imagine a better one? Well maybe if she baked for me. ummm…
Ok so then my 3 sisters, mom and our adopted sister and her mom, we all went to see Made of Honor (the ultimate chick flick) and wow yes Patrick was as sexy as ever. IF not more…..yummy. THis is defiantly worth the money and gas to go! Grab a group of girls and go see it. We laughed and awwwed alot then at the end my two single sisters said “yeah whatever…so not reality” it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!
So anway I hope you all had a great day and I pray for all of you happiness and remembering that our children are a gift from God, the greatest gift of all. Enjoy them, listen to every sweet lil laugh and cherish the small things. My son will be 13 next week and trust me it goes fast! THank you all for sharing your sweet lil ones with me. I am honored to sneak into your lives and capture the true essence of them. Just being them!
God bless!


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