just happy. life is good. happy siblings with a happy life. Just happy. So can you guess that these two angels were happy. They never stopped smiling and were just so darn sweet. I love when siblings are still this young and actually like each other! They both have grown so much and are blonde haired beauties!

This image just makes me think of summer. Free to run and play and take in the sun rays..love it!! The absolute freedom of being a child!
Ok…so this is one of those moments where you can ask “Mandy, how do you get all of these kids to smile and look at you and blah..blah…” and My response is always…”I just talk to them and blah…..” So I really wanted a picture of these two with their heads close tog. so I said Hey lets play a game…. (kids~) Ok, what game? (Me) Well..ummm (thinking to myself I have no idea…) lets play What is her brain saying???? So silly………it worked!! So in this image you can just see in his eyes ……listening…..and her playing right along….You want to know his answer? Yes this sweet lil angel said….”Her brain says ‘I dont want to take anymore pictures’ ” Insert me and parents laughing on the ground! Good one!!

Such a great time. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with me. It was great seeing you all again.
God bless.


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