I am back to work….

some of you know I have been battling kidney stones for about 5 months. Well I had another surgery to remove those boogers and I think we are done! I am feeling better already and pray this is it for a while.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and been patient with their portraits. I should have all phone calls returned in the next few days and orders delivered!
If you have contacted me and have not heard back please call again. I will make it up to you!

Just a reminder the studio will be closing over the holidays, please email me if you want and I will check them some.
I am soooo ready to spend some time with my beautiful children and husband. I love cuddling with them and watching Christmas Vacation for the 100th time! I pray that you all have a blessed Christmas and remember what the season is about, Our Savior!

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you again soon! I will be having a open house for the new studio so keep in touch!

With all of my love and no kidney stones


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