i cant believe its been a year…[nashville childrens photographer]

when my bff from 5th grade told me she was finally pregnant (now that mine are old enough to babysit) i was just beyond thrilled. of course for her and allen but secretly (is that a word?) for myself. I thought how great i will have this lil babe to photograph whenever i want and he will love me and smile and be the best model ever!! Wellllllllll lets say his one year session didnt turn out quite as I had planned! This lil stinker wasnt digging me or really anyone or anything, just one of those days!!!! We laughed alot and tried all of the tricks but really we got like two smidgens of a grin out of him. Oh well. I do love quite a few and good for him he will be coming back asap for a redo 🙂 So we will see how it goes this week!! I love him so and just cant believe its been a whole year. isnt he a tutie???


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