i know i know im a total slacker


I know it has been forever since I blogged. I am so sorry. I had total intentions of posting alot with family images and I totally got lazy and didnt. So now its almost the New Year and Im behind! BUT in my absense I hope everyone got to spend alot of time with their families and got some (maybe a lil rest) over the Christmas holidays! My goal was to relax, do lots of fun things with the kids and just BE. I think I did a pretty good job. We baked cookies and went to Opryland hotel, watched alot alot of movies alll snuggled up on the couch by a fire that my best hubby built, we did do some shopping but to a minimum, we did  a few projects around the house and so on…get the idea? I am also doing some new treatments for my heath issues so000 is all of that a good excuse for not blogging? here are a few pics of misc things we have been up to! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and find many new blessings in 2009!!

DISCLAIMER…when i say i was OFF, i mean OFF so these are total snapshots and do not represent my photography skills in any maner 🙂 lol!!


The amazingly beautiful HUGE nativity scene at Opryland hotel.


We made Jesus a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday, pretty cool to do with the kids!

yummmmm cookies..santa is so lucky!

molly and kiley being silly making cookies.

With 3 sisters and lots of kids between us this is the mess you get.

I love love love this picture. We are really bad about never taking group pics except once a year at the beach so this year I set up the tripod and was determined to get a good group image. I think it went well!! I am soooooo sooooooo soooo blessed to belong to this lil family.

my caring wonderful sexy (sorry cant help it 🙂 ) wonderful sweet thoughtful wonderful hubby and then me. 🙂 this was taken around 1am christmas morning. love you babe!

thank you for yet another wonderful christmas season with you.

So that is just a small sneak into my christmas. Love to you all and enjoy these days that God has given us.


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