A late Happy Independence Day to you all! I know each family celebrates a lil different but most always have sparklers! I just “HEART” sparklers. We went to the fireworks booth to buy our stash for the boys to have fun with and me and Molly go straight for the sparklers! I know they are such a girly firework!! At night when we were running around with them waving around, its such a freeing feeling. It made me feel young and carefree for just a moment. Priceless! Here is Molly and how she feels about them 🙂
Our 4th’s are usually spent in KY with my grandparents and our family reunion. We are from a very very small town in KY. Its slow and simple. Here are some of the hundreds of images I took while we were there. All of these were taken on my familys farm. It belonged to my great grandparents. I am always amazed how I feel while Im there and how so many memories come back when you step foot on old family land.

THis young man is my great grandfathers brother!! Isnt he adorable. He is the last of the original family!
And of course here are my wonderful beautiful so sweet so funny so simple and so loveable grandparents!!
“come on poppaw give her a smooch..” “why?” “because i want a picture of yall kissing” “oh..goodness” SMOOCH…..( i always get my way with my poppaw!)
recognize these kids?? This may be a new fav for me!!

I hope you enjoyed your family this holiday!

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