lemonade..only 25 cents..

Meet Brown and his sweet lil sister Elle. His favorite drink is lemonade that he gets to make so I was so honored that he wanted to make me some homemade 🙂 lemonade! Little does he know I am supposed to drink some each day for my kidney stones so I was thrilled. I first photographed Brown when he was a lil babe and I didnt think it was possible for him to get cuter but indeed he has. I love this whole family and am honored to capture this time in their lives. His beautiful lil chunk of a sister is just as adorable as him! The session was over and he had retired to watching Elmo on TV and I had to get his sweet lil feet stickin out from him,I had flasbacks of my own son watching Sesame Street and looking just like that. I would love to have that captured! Priceless!! Gotta love some Elmo!


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