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hi everyone! well many of you have asked me for a blog…here it is I AM A BLOGGER!
I am still learning so give me some time to make it purty! First i will say i am not a proper typer and no judging please!!
I will include personal stuff and also specials and sneak peeks for clients! So keep looking and see what is coming!
My first post should of course be my babes..RIGHT?? This weekend we went to get some family shots and of the kids..well it would help to bring the tripod..well I didnt. So this first pic was a challenge..Just imagine a large box sitting in the street with my sons bible on top and my camera sitting on it..yep that is how a photographer gets a family portait :0 But anyway this is about the best we got. I will photograph other kids over my own ANYDAY! they make it sooo hard.


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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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