my crazy world.

This line of seven adorable children is what my life is about. Meet my kids, nephews and nieces! My parents now have 7 grandkids and Im not so sure there wont be more added one day! 🙂 We had such a great time this year at the beach with the kids. Of course the first two, teenagers just kept to themselves and talked alot (only to each other) and rode lots of waves! Molly moo played alot in the sand and was a lil mother to all the lil ones. She recently realized what she had been doing for free she could get paid for….$5 an hour babysitter! She made some money!! The next one is just always on the go and wanted her Pappy to take her in the ocean all day! She also was the most excited about the pirates leaving her buried treasure! Our two lil hammerhead boys, only 6 months apart and soooo different! Eli is more laid back and go with the flo, easy to please..Aiden is 100% boy with a sense of humor and attitude for days but so sweet when he wnats to be. They both actually loved the water and sand this year!! Then last is our baby of the group A-Rod. All I can say is he loves his mommy! BUt Aunt Mandy runs a close second 🙂
So there they are!!

Em and Em
Sibling love!! I soooo love this image!

My sweet love picking up tiny tiny sand dollars at the very tip of the Island

Sweet Sav! She is turning into such a big girl and will be going to Kindy soon! Isnt she beautiful!

Well I have to say this image speaks volumes to me. I think my mom is one of God’s finest creatures. She somehow puts up with all of us and my Pappy at the same time. She has more patience then I dont know what and I just love her more than anything! I feel so blessed. I love you mom! Dear Pappy, you can be with him for about a minute and you will know the tru papster. He is real and loud and honest and soooooo loving! I could not ask for a better Pappy for me and my kids. thank you both for spending the week with all of us and loving us all so much!

So just a sneak into our lil week at the beach! I am working hard to get caught up and will be in touch with all clients soon. I will have alot of news in the next few weeks!
Have a great day!

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