My kiddos…..

Well tonight we were in the new studio…great thing about it being at home!….Molly and I decided we would make her custom Valentines cards this of course we needed a new pic of her for them. Well easy enough..right? I am a Nationially Known Photographer (ha..just daydreaming a lil…sorry..) anyway I should be able to get a pic of my own kids Right? Yeah. NOT! It becomes the most stressful thing ever. Molly wants to wear ONLY what Molly wants (how dare her….not sure where she gets this from) and wants to do some Whacked poses and such. So we laugh a lil and spit spat with each other alot. I am in awe in how much she looks like me but more of her attitude..I learn how mine is by watching her. It is quite humbling! SHE IS ME 100% NO PART OF HER DADDY JUST ME AND MY…UMM…ATTITUDE..AND STUBBORN….OMGOSH!….. so I would like to officially apologize to my sweet sweet mother who is so not stubborn and has almost no attitude. HOW totally unfair that she had to put up with me for all of my youth and still today. I am soooooo sorry and I will never show you that side of me again….well I will pray on that! So anyway we had totally diff ideas of what her card should look like. This pic is her looking so happy with me. But honestly it is my favorite of her from the shoot. I love her sweet innocence here. She is also the most caring and thoughtful child ever! When I returned from my trip last week she had made me a Welcome Home Banner and a MOM project! One of those things that you have no where to put but no way are you throwing it away! She does love her mommy!….I am unsure if I like the color version…but it shows her beautiful red hair and her fashion!

Now here walks in Phoenix…he cant stand to take pics unless it is some Whacked out crazy thing. But he came into the studio so he asked for it. He is in major need of a haircut and has a swollen lip but I thought….why not! He is in this awkward stage of not smiling but not being serious either. So I told Molly to stand behind me and make him laugh….This is what I got. He would start dieing laughing at her but would turn his head so I could NOT take his pic. LOSER! But again I always keep snapping and I looooooove this image of him! THis is sooo him. He is such a cut up and has his dads sick sense of humor so he is always got this dorky laugh going. Just tonight…it was bedtime and he asked if he could have “just a lil sip of Coke”~ now mind you this is his bedtime question each night and the answer is 99% of the time NO! But he just has to ask. Well tonight I say “No you can have milk or H2O” so he starts pretending to have a meltdown…a real arms flaying~screaming at the top of your lungs~ banging on the wall tantrum. I honestly was rolling on the floor laughing. It was hysterical. One of those moments I would do anything to have a pic of! He could defiantly be a lil comedian!
There is only one thing they hate worse than taking pics of themselves…taking pics TOGETHER!. This is the worse thing ever in all of life. You mean sit beside each other and maybe feel each other breathe?? Are you kidding? This is by no means going on the wall but it nice to have one of them tog. I realized how pretty Phoenix looks in these…really he is a boy!

So I hope you all enjoyed this post…life behind the lens..with MJ Photography 🙂 Love you all…..
New Special coming this week!!!!!!!!! Keep looking!

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