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as you enter Vanderbilts Children Hospital, there is a feeling like no other. Its hard to explain, I have been there many times to photograph NICU babies,visit sick clients, friends & lil special people. They have went beyond your imagination to make it a happy place, the decor, the bright colors, the beautiful wall of butterflys. But then you remember that you are now in a big beautiful building full of beautiful children. This lil angel is 5 months old & Vandy is the only home she has ever known. She has the most beautiful big eyes, she has beautiful brown hair that has adorable lil curls & thanks to her amazing mom she has the prettiest lil pink fingernails and toenails. All girl!! If your as selfish as me you forget that some moms spend each & every day in the hospital with their babies, sweet Melissa is hours from her other two children and her husband, her own bed. But she is one of the sweetest, happiest lil ladies I have ever met. I was honored to be in her presence, I was honored to share a short time with beautiful lil Anna. As you read this I hope you will take a moment to pray for sweet Anna, pray that our Healer will work his magic on her and she can go home to her family. I hope to go back and visit them both very soon!!

blessings sweet angel~xoxo


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