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Life is Great at the Beach!!

As some of you know I am out of the loft this week and sitting by the ocean. Every year around this time I head off to Seaside, Florida with my very fun,crazy,loving & really loud family! 🙂 We share one big house and make alot of memories!!! I have 3 sisters and 5 nieces  & nephews plus our parents with spouses. Needless to say we are quite a sight anywhere we go 🙂 But for  this week we just have fun, eat ALOT and have no responsibilites. As Im writing this 2 sisters are out shopping for goodies and our dinner for tonight, dad is snoring, brother in law is snoring, 3 kiddos are “resting”, one is drawing bible stories as I tell them to him, Mom is watching me, my hubby is catching up online, My 2 babes are eating ice cream and supposed to be bringing me some 🙂 other sis is looking for a beach house for next year online…..we plan early 🙂

We love it here. There is just something magical, peaceful, very Godly about the beach. Here are a few shots for  you to see and hopefully enjoy. The first image is from Grayton Beach State Park, such a beautiful place. The others are from last night. We all got out of swimsuits for a night and showered and had our family portraits made. Its sooo hard photographing yourself and your own family, I always say one year Im going to hire someone else to do them 🙂 haha

This year was pretty easy, I brought a tripod and a remote for my camera and started clicking! I loved loved this spot and it almost looks fake, the clouds were just perfect and the light made for beautiful portraits!!

More to share soon!! If your our friend on Facebook, you might of seen these, if not…why not? Join us  here

I am working just a lil bit while here, Im lucky enough to meet up with a few clients while here and capture their vacation for them. Ill share those soon!

See you soon!! xoxoxo~ mandy (ice cream is melting)


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