nashville childrens photographer | Christmas Spirit…in the fall..

well if you have left your house in the past month…you have seen the Christmas decorations out in just about every store. part of me wants to stand tall and say…HEY, its not time for Christmas..its not even Thanksgiving…..or Halloween for that matter. BUT just to you, i will admit it, i LOVE looking at all of the decorations, it brings this lil spirit in me out, that lil girl that remembers Christmas morning, the lil girl that used to open her presents & rewrap them…………hahahahah………yep i did that, im sure my mom will be happy to tell you that lil tidbit next time you see her 🙂

I think everyone is a lil happier, a lil jollier, a lil more merry & bright around Christmas. The smells, sounds and sights just make you feel good (of course the stores know this…hence the decor in October)

SoOO this year I wanted to do some sort of event, Im a lil late in planning this but my plan is this…

1. we will be giving away a session plus prints & a cd to one deserving family. We need you to write us and nominate who you think should win!!

2. bring a new unwrapped toy in & receive a free gift print ($65 value), you can bring it to your ordering appt or your session. We will donate these to some local needy children, everyone should have a new gift CHristmas Morning!

SO for now..thats all i got. Have a great organization or group that needs some help? Email me the info…lets all get involved in 2011. We must remember why we celebrate Christmas.



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