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some of you know i live in a small community. i love it. some call it the mayberry of Tennessee. what ever you chose to call it, its home. we have the country benefits, we can go walk by the creek, canoe down the harpeth river, hike the trails and see beautiful wildlife. all of that is wonderful. but i have to say my favorite part is the people. people just seem to care more, care more about each other, care more about the area and what is best for it all. you can know everyone if you want or you can keep to yourself…your choice 🙂

this beautiful young lady lives here in our lil town. she has two amazingly beautiful brothers that i had seen around town, those kids that as a photographer you just stare at and want to photograph~ then mom had this lil beauty. i was thrilled to finally meet up with them at their lovely home and play with miss creed. she is at one of my fav ages, cant run away just yet!! hopefully you will get to meet the whole family soon!

here she is. miss sweet beautiful creed.


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