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Tomorrow is Mothers Day! I love this day! I get to spend it with my precious family & my sweet mama and mother-in-law. What a great day to spread the LOVE!

I am forever touched by mothers at MJP, you guys are the heart & soul of my business and my relationships with all of you amaze me and bless me daily. I think their is a instant bond between all mothers, we all know how it feels to LOVE so deeply and the trials and happy joyjoy moments all mixed in! Most of you know how young i was when we had Phoenix, only 19 by one day! I think I was destined to be a young mom, I was a nanny all through school and have just always been drawn to kids and I have WAY more patience for kids then adults 🙂 My life changed so drastically at that moment almost 18 years ago, I dont think I was ever really scared just unsure and a little overwhelmed! I didnt get to experience alot of what my friends were doing at college and the life after high school but I was also experienceing so much more with Steve and our new little man. I am thankful every single day for the love God gave us, the grace and guidance as we were growing up together while raising our baby. When we decided to have another baby 3 years later I wanted a girl soooo bad, I just needed a little Molly! We were SO happy with our little tiny red headed baby girl Molly Moo. Now as a mother to teenagers I can look back and laugh and cry and miss them being little and miss those sweet precious moments. We create new memories each day, they continue to surprise me with how smart, kind and joyful they are. They continue to show me grace for the many parenting mistakes I have and still make daily. I always tell my clients and friends, slow down, enjoy each day with your little munchkins, it does go by so very fast. Phoenix will be 18 next week, I will turn 37, he will graduate from high school at the end of the month and once again our life will change drastically. Isnt it exciting?

I am forever thankful for all of your sweet sweet mothers out there that continue to be my friend, who allow me to LOVE and cherish your babies just like I do my own. You are so very dear to me and I know what a special lady you are to your babies! I hope this weekend is a great reminder to slow down, smell those babies, listen to them ramble on about anything, let them eat ice cream for breakfast & just appreciate each little freckle.



This image I recently shared on FB, this is Phoenix and his friend Chandler, they were in 6th grade & then here they are now. Scary and awesome!


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