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for years i have tried to tell myself…just be. just be you. just be happy. just be content. just be. just be what God wants you to be. OF course that is soo easy to type but not as easy to do all of the time 🙂 but i try. so that is the first step. When these two showed up with their shirts…i of course knew it was the letters of their first names but i also immediately knew what would happen when we sat them together. BE. just be. 🙂 sooo adorable!

i have the utmost pleasure of  knowing these two since they were wee wee lil babes. aren’t they just beautiful. we had a wonderful time & the weather was just beautiful. we have defiantly been blessed with some beautiful days lately! so just a quick lil peek at these two babes.

QUICK UPDATE~ we only have about 10 spots left for the rest of the season! Dont wait anymore!!! You know you want to come and see me 🙂 Call or email us!


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