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meet the ever sooo adorable, ever sooo happy lil Luke! the last time i saw him and his sweet older brother he was only about 2 months old. i cant believe how much he has grown and could he be any cuter? i knew he had good genes but come on! on top of those beautiful HUGE blue eyes he has the sweetest personality…just yummy! He was supposed to come in alone for his session but i was thrilled that big brother Mac begged to come have his pictures taken too! Gotta love that. I love you Mac!! 🙂 So as you can see we played with the white paper again, im shooting some of these for a commercial side job and its very different shooting for someone else and not just for me and the parents. Kinda fun and kinda just different! But i love the look of these and i think Lucas was the perfect lil model!!

thanks for coming to see me guys!!


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