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could our weather be any nicer? im sooo excited that i cant complain about it anymore 🙂 we spent this past weekend outside allllll day at a soccer tourny for Phoenix, it felt so wonderful to have the sun beating down on my legs (very white legs) and my shoulders (now very burnt shoulders). Thank you Lord for your healing power of sunshine!

Im sure if your a blogger type of person and read alot of them, you have heard of Goop, the blog by Gwyneth Paltrow. She was recently in Nash for a while filming a movie. She wrote all about it on her blog! I was thrilled that sooooo many of my neighbors in East Nash were featured on it. How exciting for them and well for me too! I was thrilled to move my studio to the East side and there are soo many awesome places to eat and hang out! ITs a great place to work 🙂 OF COURSE i would of loved to ran into her and her beautifulllllllllllll children and had a session with them on the awesome streets of Nash but…………alas…….it was not meant to be. Oh well, that just leaves more of me for all of  you 🙂 hahhahahahhaahh…..okay stop laughing now 🙂

Anyway here is the link, there are two segments, this is the first

I will admit there are soo many places she talks about that I have never been to. Its a shame that we dont take advantage of whats in our own backyards! So go check it out and act like a tourist one day and visit all of Nashville! Maybe Ill run into you!


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