nashville childrens photographer | red shoes.

many many times you have heard me say how very blessed i feel to have met so many amazing people because of this career. this family is for sure one of those! sweet ellen called me when laird was only about 4 months old. as soon as i arrived at their beautiful comfy home (she is a decorator) i knew i would love this family for a long time. you know how it goes….when you can just instantly love someone, that was it for me! i can not believe how old our sweet boy is now! he is going to be celebrating his birthday soon and we had so much fun capturing some portraits to celebrate! laird is full of life, he laughs ALOT, he thinks its super funny to throw things at ms. mandy and mommy, he cracks himself up :), he also really loves his dog! i personally love each and every image from this session, so does mom! these will be adorning their walls next week. YOU know you love those red shoes!!!



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Mandy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art children's photography.
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