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Well hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of you may have noticed that my blog and site have been down for several days. Honestly, seemed like weeks. Some awesome person out there in web space was just so bored one night and decided to hack into my files and insert all kinds of evil little things. Gotta love it! But all is well now and things seem to be behaving.

I still have several sessions to share with you from our crazy before Christmas season, but i wanted to share a few of the kids and friends when we got our HUGE blizzard! If you dont live around here, you may be thinking -oh wow they got a blizzard- well actually we didnt. We never get much snow here its kinda upsetting. Well this year the weatherman was 90% sure we were going to get at least 2 inches of snow, that is alot for here! For days that is all they talked about, school was closed the night before, yes before one flurry was ever seen!! We were all soooo excited. Well we get up and nothing, then around the morning it finally snowed a little, i mean a very very little, didnt even cover the grass. So we made the best of it and at least in these pics it looks like alot!!

I have very busy preparing for 2010 and working on lots of new products and things for you guys! Stay tuned. I will be announcing our Spring Mini Sessions very soon. They will fill up very quickly so be ready!!


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