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I would have to say the biggest question, the most frequent question from my clients is  “what should we wear?”. And its kinda a toughy to answer. Of course I really just want to say ” what do you wear every day?, what are you wearing right now? ” That is REALLY what you should wear to have your portaits done in!! Now, of course not all photographers would answer it that way, but me, my style, that is my answer. If you are looking for a photographer to capture your children, your family you really need to think about what style of portraits you are interested in. Do you prefer a more posed, formal look? Do you prefer kids running around giggling and falling in the dirt? Or do you kinda like both? Defiantly look at a photographers gallery and see what they specialize in, what their style is, make sure it matches what you want!  I always tell my clients to dress natural, dress comfy and do not dress the kids in anything that they hate!  That is not a great start to our session.You want your kids to feel good about themselves, this will shine through in their portraits. 

My style is defiantly laid back and more natural. I love to get the kids rolling around and just being kids, I love when they show up in their favorite outfit, mostly ones that dont match! These are the memories you want captured! They will fade but a wall canvas of lil Suzie in her tutu and superman shirt, well come on, that is priceless! You will always look at that and remember when….

Now I know as a mom you want your family to look their best, portraits are a big investment and you want art for your walls. I get that. I didnt say show up in a tee with holes or dirty jeans but just remember a family all deckded out in white or kids in clothes that never wear, is not YOUR family.  You want to capture them just as you remember them each and every day. Yes please coordinate the outfits so no one is in floral and another one is in stripes PLEASE!!!!

But dont stress over the clothes! If we are doing the session at your home Im happy to help you pickout items when I arrive, or bring along some different outfits when you meet me at the park or studio. I will be happy to help!! Another great solution if your having a hard time picking is asking the sales associates at the store, most of the smaller boutique stores have awesome ladies that can totally pick out stuff for your whole family! Just tell them a color scheme or an idea you have and let them run with it!  Flipping through magazines may help or go crazy and let everyone just pick out anythign they want! Their most favorite tee shirt or pair of jeans! Just remember..Layers and textures look awesome in photos, no shoes and simplicity!

I think the most important thing to remember is this, if you (mom) are stressed out about the session and the clothing and worried that everything has to be perfect, that will show and the kids will pick this up. Be prepared before the day of the session so that everything is smooth and easy going, dont fret over every last detail, because the only details that REALLY matter are the ones in the pictures, your family!! Your sweet perfect, just the way they are family!!


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