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well todays post is a wee tad bit different. today August 30th, 2010 is my 13 year anniversary. Yep, we have been married for 13 years. What is crazier than that? Well that we started dating 18 years ago, that is like a WHOLE adult!!!

when i think of OUR STORY it brings tears and a smile. we were so so young when we met, just friends for years then one summer things, feelings just changed. june 10th, 1992 we shared our first kiss. we were outside my apt in his old concord car. we had listened to my dad play music at a old hole in the wall place that night & i remember thinking…this guy is different. then as he dropped me off i leaned over and kissed him! (see i have never been shy) 🙂 that started it all. from that point on we were pretty much inseparable. now of course we were young so we defiantly had many a break up…you know for a day or a week, i think the longest was about 3 months and that was awful!! Oh the pain you could feel at such a young age, when you lost that love. its Awful!! but somehow we always found each other again and we always just fit together. the day we found out we were pregnant is one i will never forget. utter terror & just great fear of the unknown. of course now i know it was the best day of our lives. through years of hardship, tears and well lets face it…we grew up together as we were raising our own kids. at the time i wasnt really in tune with God or aware that His presence was so great around us. His plan for us led us to where we are today. Its really quite amazing to think about. Steve, he is the most unselfish,most tender, most kind man. He always always puts me first. My happiness is his first concern. The past two years, since I got sick with all of the kidney,bladder & other stuff. he has just been truly aaamazing. He has taken care of me, the kids, the house & anything else that needed attention. He has held me and fed me pills and layed in bed and watched crazy chick flicks with me. I just cant imagine life without him. God made him for me. His smile makes me giggle, his sick sense of humor makes me laugh loudly, his arms make me feel safe and his touch makes me feel whole. After all of these years we are closer than ever, we are more in love than ever, we are truly One. I praise God daily and nightly for allowing me to know such a man, to know such a love. I thank Him for bringing Steve home safely after each shift at the firehall, I thank Him daily for giving this man a never ending amount of love and patience for me. (lets face it im not the Easiest lady to live with….)

So i just wanted to say to my man. Happy Anniversary. Happy Day that we tied the knot (finally after a long time). I love you. I adore you. I admire you. I need you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me just for me. Thank you for always standing beside me, thank you for supporting my dreams & for building this buisness with me. Thank you for giving me two amazing children & for daddying them so well.

Growing with you is the best part of me. Loving you is the greatest gift & I promise to never take it for granted. To many many more years together. I cant wait to see you as an old grumpy man yelling at the lil whippersnappers to turn their music down & slow down….(well you already do that..nevermind…) anyway. Growing old will just be ok with me, as long as your beside me.

i love you.


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