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hello to all of you out there. its late and its very cold. i hope you are sleeping and very warm and comfy! this time of year is a rebirth if you will for us in the photography world. you see the fall is our very busy very crazy time where we are overbooked and working til wee hours of the morning to finish all of the details of your artwork. we shoot 10 or more sessions a week and then process 3 or 4 a night.. we design tons of holiday cards and help  you create beautiful wall galleries and truly one of a kind pieces of art for your home. so when Christmas comes we are finally able to chill for a while. it goes from 100mph to like 0mph! I was so exhausted that i couldnt wait to take the whole month of January off. I had big plans of laying around in my Life Is Good daisy jammie pants and sipping White Chocalate Mochas each day doing absolutely nada. but as we all that really doesnt ever happen. i have been off for a few weeks and have enjoyed my famiily and watched a ton of movies, some worthy and some SO NOT worthy of my time. but the whole time my brain has been going about 100 miles per hour, the new ideas for the studio. new logo. new colors. new website. new tagline, new props. new sessions. new packages. new packaging, new products. new equiptment. I think you get the picture. January is kinda like our GET IT TOGETHER for the year month. so with all of that brings alot of questions and alot of soul searching, as i do put my heart and soul into everything to do with my studio.

but tonight it dawned on me….why should i be guessing as to what YOU really want? why not ask you? SOOO

i am. i am asking you my loyal blog readers. my awesome amazing clients.

what would you like to see for 2010? what products do you love or could live without? certain products you would like to see this year? certain locations? changes? things that were great or things that were not so great?

be totally honest. TOTALLY. tell me your opinions and thoughts. im sooo eager and excited to hear them. anyone that emails me their opinions and suggestions will receive brag book with their Spring Session. FREE. And I will put all of the names in a drawing to receive a free 16×20 piece of art at the next session.

please email me at

love to you all!! just to leave you with this adorable capture. i dont know which face i love the most? priceless.


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