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Ready for some baby goodness? Make your heart thump,skip a beat and melt all at once? Babies that will make your insides crave another???

This past weekend I was honored to host the talented Kelley Ryden & Tracy Raver Baby Workshop here at my studio. We had 15 photographers from all over the US come in and learn! Then of course we had these amazingly sweet lil babes come in for their modeling shoot! The room is kept at 80-90 degrees and its all about the babes. Kelley and Tracy are sooo gracious and open about the care &  love of newborn portraits. Some of these shots took an hour to get right, some 3 minutes, alot of that will depend on the babe, but alot of it depends on the photographer as well. First thing they talk about is safety of the babies. Never for a second are these lil ones put into a position where anything could happen, unfortunatly some others will try to reproduce their images and put the babes in positions that could be a tad unsafe. Please do not ever do that!! Until you are in the room and watch them work you cannot understand how some poses are created, safety is always first!!!    Learning this art takes great patience and time. I mainly do on location lifestyle type newborn photography but was so intrigued to learn more and boy did I! These are just a small sample of the images that we worked on. We were so blessed with an amazing group of photographers to work with all weekend and of course look at the beautiful babes! First we had lil Henry, then the tiny twin girls, Lillie & Dani, last we had our chubby lil angel Norah. Such blessings for their families, thank you guys for sharing them with us this week!!!!

So get ready to swoon….




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