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hello loyal blog friends. i often think, it is ok that i am a horrible blogger bc noone reads blogs anymore…..WRONG. Then i go look at my blog traffic and Im always slapped back to reality when I see how many of you still come here daily. THANK YOU.

to be 100% honest, which i always try to be, i LOVE blogging. I LOVE writing, i LOVE sharing thoughts and images and moments. Sadly blogging just falls to the side. :/

Good news…. very soon I will have a new site/ new blog and I will be updating on a regular basis!

This fall has been overwhelming in the most amazing way. We have been so full, full of love, full of laughter and full on our calendar! What more could a girl ask for?? I traveled to NYC last month with my amazing family, we went for a quick break, a quick trip to reunite and fall in love with each other again…and again… See when you have teenagers its really easy to go days without having more than 20 mins a day to talk, laugh and visit. I was desperately falling into a hole, I could feel myself slipping and I needed to catch myself.

Losing dad a year ago has changed my life. In many different ways, seeing my teenagers growing into adults, watching them make decisions, peeking to see where their hearts are guiding them. I love them so much but its so easy to slip away from them. They really dont want to hang with us too much, even though we are super cool parents! DUH. So I just knew I needed to be able to wake up for a few days and not run off to work, drop at school, run to games, grab dinner and do homework. So we skipped school and work for a few days and just walked the crazy, beautiful and ever so inspiring city of New York. It was honestly 5 of the best days of my life. I love my family and was reunited with them, life is great!

While we were there I was so excited to meet up with this sweet family. I am working on a client base in NYC and will be traveling there at least 2 times in 2014 for sessions, if you know anyone that might be interested please spread the word!! This beautiful family is super busy and super amazing. Mom is an amazing author and speaker, dad blogs and together they have created so many inspiring projects. Check out her book , Freefall to Fly, its incredible!

xox, serious love to you all.


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