A great day was had by all at Snap Kids recently. I will tell you, you cant be in this custom childrens boutique and not feel Happy! It is decorated very cooly and has sooo many trendy fun toys for kids! Thats not even mentioning the awesome kids clothes. Molly loooves all of the clothes in her size! The fun window is always very fun and colorful to walk by and look at. We have a small room in the back with a funky green wall that we do the Snap Sessions in, you will walk in and think ….ummm pictures in here but I will tell you we capture some amazingly fun pictures.We also stepped outside to capture some commercial images for their new website…coming soon.  I just love to see siblings all crunched up together and playing!! Snap has great gift for Christmas that you will not find anywhere else around here….(on my soapbox for a minute) I beg of you my clients and blog followers, in this time of financial wonder PLEASE support your localy owned stores. We all must stick together!!

So NOw im sure you really just want to see the great portraits……


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