sometimes being a photographer isnt good…..

once again..i am in pursuit of a portrait of my two babes to go over my fireplace. Mind you Ihave been trying this for 2 years now. See there are many problems that arise….
1. they are over photographed and hate it
2. being near each other is just too much for one human to bear
3. i am their mom
4. we always fight over the clothes…
5.bribery has even quit working
6. with your kids i can say something stupid and they laugh well with mine they just look at me like i am stupid…( note in pics below the stupid looks)
7. fake smiles…………………
8. 100 images of mouths moving…” you said only one more…. he is hitting me……hold on im texting…”
9. i totally only have patience with them for about 15 mins and with your kids I can go for well over an hour
10. really do i need more……..

here is my beautiful (handsome) son ~ he will be 13 next month and that make my heart ache~I am so thankful for these years that God has given us with him, he is a true kind soul (unless your his sister) still hugs me tight ( not in public) and has the goofiest sense of humor that is priceless..

i happen to looooooove this image of my mini~me. i am a bit unsure about the ribbons in her hair..are they distracting? i love her somber look in this. she has the worse fake grin so these soft looks work best for her (note fake grins in later photos)..she is 9…yes my baby is 9…can I still use the term “baby fat” ummm probaly not. dang. ok well she is the best lil mother you have ever seen. i plan on renting her out this summer for babysitting, so kind and so sassy 🙂

so bloggers…….which one of the two of them do you like the best? these are the best of the best…i dont think they will make the mantle but we will see…oh and yes i know you are sick of the yellow field but Im quite addicted to it and probaly will continue until the sad day I see them mowing it all down 🙁

thank you for listening to my woes of photographing my own babes. i think i might just hire someone else………………ummmmmmmmmmm

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