summer is near~[nashville childrens photographer]


Even though its like BELOW FREEZING right now here in Tennessee these images are a sure sign of SUMMER IS NEAR! THese were taking yesterday when it was warm and toasty!! IF you have ever lived in Nashville or near you know how crazy our weather is! In one day it drops 20 or so degrees or more. Nuts. BUt these made me feel all warm and ready to smell the grass newly cut, feel the sun beaming down and making Mollys freckles pop more, the sound of birds chirping, the joyous sounds of the Abby and Jack playing in the yard. Summer is good, summer is fun, summer is feeling like a kid again. Im ready to feel like a kid again and play in the sprinkler, eat lots of ice cream and freezer pops, lather up with sunscreen and of course lot of pictures to capture it all. Im just ready.



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