Welll…..as most of you have noticed, Im sure. Our blog has been totally MIA for a week or two. After some lovely person hacked into it and made it crazy, along with my site, we thought we had it fixed …and….well we didnt! So for now its working!! IF there is anyone out there who had trouble with their computer bc of our site………….i am soooo soooo sooo sorry! I just hate that some meany did this! If you ever need IT help call this guy http://www.dodsonsystemsolutions.com/ he is great to work with and just a super honest lovely person!

Just wanted to post really quick and see if I remembered how  🙂 These two super adorable babes are so dear to me. I have photographed them for years and I just love them. And they love me too…which always makes for a great time together and of course beautiful portraits!!


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