i am peaceful.

thank you all for your prayers.

your kind thoughts & well wishes.

thank you for your FOOD.

thank you for your patience.

thank you.

i am recouping well, my wonderful family & friends are doing a great job at playing nurse. i have alot of restrictions for the next 6 weeks so thank God i have them (and you) to rely on.

i am starting to return calls and emails. no sessions for a while but i am working a lil at home. please email me if you have questions or anything. august is almost full and fall dates are dwindling, i have some awesome christmas cards to offer this year, so if you want a fall session please book NOW.

hope you all are enjoying summer and the smaller things in life.

i believe God is in the tiny things just as much as the large things.

fresh flowers. i am thankful for fresh flowers that i like to imagine God designing 🙂







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