The Best Biscuits in the World!!

Well my mom and I made a road trip to Ky to see my poppaws cancer doc. It wasnt the best news but also not the worst. Please pray for a complete healing for him. He will be having the radiation seed things to hopefully kill all of the cancer cells. He is in great spirits, which is great. It is just sooo hard to watch something like this. I feel way too grown up. Ya know??

Ok so while we were there I insisted my mommaw (yes so southern 🙂 ) make us her biscuits. You know the ones that melt in your mouth and you can just eat 10 with nothing on them. Who needs butter or jelly. These are the best tastin things in the world! NO i am serious. But I did put my poppaws honey on them………ummm ummm ummmmmmm!! So of course I photographed the whole procedure. These are those simple moments that I want to never forget. I want to always remember her doing this….its soooo easy for her. She just starts pouring all of the ingredients in ~ no measuring or reading just all by heart. I think her heart does go into everything she has ever cooked for us. SHe was also a cook at the local elementary school and let me tell you~ everyone in town came there for lunch. Everything was homemade, no frozen drove in a truck food. Homemade goodness that for a buck fifty was heaven on a school tray! ha
SO here she is…my mommaw and her incredible biscuits!!

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