Valentine’s Day Food Fun!

Hello MJP Friends!!  It’s Nicki here – I’m so excited to share with you some super FUN, super EASY Valentine’s Food Fun.  I love making the holidays fun for the kiddos, but seriously I need it to be EASY, quick and not require obscure materials – who has time for that?!?

Since Valentine’s is all about love, hearts, pink and sweet treats the Bynum Bunch was more than eager to help me whip up the fun!  Here’s what we created:

We have 2 easy (like so easy, I’m almost embarrassed to tell you) breakfast options for you.  They are yummy, sweet and since Valentine’s is on a Sunday this year no rushing to get this done before school – double win!

The first one is heart shaped cinnamon rolls, mini waffles and magic fruit wands (or fruit light sabers for the guys).  The cinnamon rolls – so easy!!  Pop open that can of Pillsbury then gently unroll each circle and form it into a heart shape – bake following the directions on the package.  It’s about 14 minutes at 350 degrees.  For the magic fruit wands, we took a mini heart cookie cutter and cut the strawberries.  Don’t worry if the strawberries aren’t huge, all you need to do is line up the top of the strawberry with the top of heart shape.  Great thing about strawberries is the bottom is already the correct shape!  Slice up your bananas.  Grab some left over marshmallows from all that hot coco you’ve been making the kids on all these snow days.  Now slide them on a skewer.  If you don’t have skewers, or if your kids are smaller you can also use a straw :).  Other fruits work great for these too – pineapple, watermelon, grapes.  If you have a whole pineapple (Kroger has them on sale this week for 99 cents) slice it up and use your mini heart cutter to make more hearts.  Now the hardest part of this breakfast 😉 – the mini waffles.  We used frozen waffles, popped them in the toaster and used our cookie cutter to make the hearts.  See I told you E-A-S-Y!






For the second breakfast option we made French Toast, a Bynum Boy favorite.  Still easy!  Whip up that yummy French Toast (whisk together eggs and milk, dunk the toast in the mixture, make sure the toast is good and coated and cook on a hot griddle or skillet coated with butter), when it’s done use cute Valentine’s cookie cutters to make fun shapes and viola!  a yummy, cute, love day breakfast!  I served ours with heart strawberries.


We also made a delicious dessert – I mean it’s not really Valentine’s Day without chocolate right??  Since we were going for easy ideas that the kids could help me with, we did break apart chocolate chip cookies and pink milk.  I actually usually make our chocolate chip cookies from scratch using my Mamow’s cookie recipe, but these were easier and I knew the cookie cutter would work better on the break and bake kind.  We used Annie’s Homegrown Bake and Share Chocolate Chunk cookies.  The kids put them on our cookie stone, we baked them, let them cool and they used the heart cookie cutter to make the hearts.  To make the pink milk, I put milk in a heart shaped silicone pan with a drop or two of pink food coloring, mixed with a small spoon and froze it.  Pour a big glass of milk, add your pink heart and magic!  as the heart melts you get pink milk – so yummy and who could resist a pink milk mustache!?


Our last creation was our Love Potion!  So it’s just a good ol’ fashioned Shirley Temple :).  Get a fancy glass, add some crushed ice, pour in your sprite, Rose Grenade – the more you add the more red (and sweet) your potion will be.  Add a cherry (or be cool like us and add a strawberry).

Now what are you waiting for!  Go make your own yummy, fun, sweet, heart shaped goodies!!  We hope you have lots of fun!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from all of us at MJP!  We love you lots!


p.s. – I found all of our supplies (food, drink, cookie cutters included) at Target – yay!  I love me some one stop shopping!


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