hi friends. I am so excited to get to know your family!

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep need to create, and to create in a way that shows others how beautiful their story and how beautiful & special their little nook of the world is!

An almost Nash native,
mom of two amazing beings,
forever in jeans and no shoes,
chasing light and nature
learning to slow down and appreciate each day
Love coffee, smoothies and my mom's sandwiches
I redecorate weekly & miss yard sales

I want to travel the world & also don't want to leave my couch :)

Fact 1

I was born in a tiny tiny town in Kentucky, moved to Nashville when I was 3.

For sure a country girl at heart, and I also need coffee shops & food delivery!

I guess I am a city girl with the heart of a country hippie.

Fact 2

I connect with kids everywhere. Its kinda weird at times, they just see me & I see them. I guess... it's my little magic.

I LOVE connection & the biggest honor is when your babes connect with me & trust me!

Fact 3

I am not a foodie. I am way too picky & don't like stuffy places. Please invite me over for a burger or pasta and a beer!

Fact 4

Super cheesy... but its true. I see the world thru a film strip. I am always observing life and the beauty it persists to have.

All of our stories are messy and in that mess, in that chaos the beauty thrives.


Mandy is MAGIC! We’ve had the pleasure of working with Mandy for several years. A parent is always so stressed when it comes to taking pictures of their kids. Mandy manages to remove the stress and make it so fun even when a small pony and dogs are involved. I always think to myself, I sure hope she got some good ones with the kids being so crazy. She gets so many amazing photos that capture our children and family’s personalities so perfectly, she is family!

The Stephens Family