Parents... I know how important this is & also how much you put into a portrait session!

I am here to make it easier, I promise.

If you can lean back & let me do my thing... it will be worth it!

I also know some members of the family will be a bit cranky and some will be wild

& I'm sure

some will be perfect listeners.

You know what ... every mom feels like it's a

chaotic mess & most of the time it is.

It is also your story & it truly is beautiful!

I will take over and gently lead everyone into a

flowy state of calm and love. Lots of cuddles and snuggles.

Maybe a few toot jokes and silly faces.

This time with your family is about

YOUR love and YOUR story.

The portraits will reflect just that and it will be

poetic, crazy, lovely, funny, beautiful and just perfectly YOU!

Trust me.... it will be fun. I will say the word "snuggle" 100 times, I will probably be running around barefoot

& when its over we will be friends!

I can't wait to meet you.

Trust me, let me do this for you!


how does this work?


Fill out the form

Once you are ready to chat with us & get things started please send us a note! We will be in touch within 36 hours to answer any questions you may have!

If you are ready to schedule your portrait session use our easy online scheduling to start the process!

After you send a note or snag a date, we will be in touch!!



So everyone feels comfortable and we know we are a great match we will set up a time to chat and discuss all of your desires, questions and more! We will decide on a location, time and talk about the details. We will help you figure out all the big & tiny details, trust us ... we are great at this!


session time

You have done the prep work & now its time to sit back... just enjoy your babes and let us do the rest! Your session will typically take an hour or less, it will be fun, light and led with ease. I will guide your family without an uptight feel & dare I say...even your hubby will have some fun!

During this time all we ask is that you leave the phones in the car, leave the stress and the thoughts of perfection in the car... come with an open heart. Lean back & enjoy this precious time with your beautiful family!



After your session you will hear from our studio within a week or so. We will schedule your time to meet in the studio for your design and ordering time or if you are doing one of our digital collections you will receive info and links online!

Our studio is best known for the full service wall art, fine art albums & other portrait pieces we offer.

We will walk you thru each step so you walk away with beautiful heirloom products and whatever your heart desires!


This is my first session with you, what should I know?

Welcome!! We love new faces & hope you become an ole familiar face here at MJP. I would tell you this... you should know we are always here to guide and make this as simple as possible. We know how important capturing your family is & we truly want to take the stress out of it for you. We also know everyones house gets messy, everyones life is a bit of chaos & all of that is just OK!

All of that crazy is what we thrive on and love to capture. XO

What should I wear?

This is a hard question.... first, just be comfy! No one is their best when they are uncomfortable or fighting with their clothes. Kids should not be forced into clothes they hate (trust me its not worth the fight), dads should be comfy and feel like themselves! I will talk with you before your session about your location and desires... this will help us decide on clothing as well. Some sessions lean towards a dressier feel and some are so perfect for jeans and an old concert tee. We will figure it out together..... DON'T stress. I can make this work if you show up with naked kids! :)


Although we understand the desire for digitals, we only offer these in a full collection. Our goal is to provide an amazing service and a gallery full of stunning images. If you are looking for a smaller service please check out our Modern Studio Session or our Portrait Events, both offer a smaller session type and smaller investment.

Are you available outside of Nashville?

Yes for sure! I travel alot with my clients and I LOVE it. I am on the coast of Florida, the 30a area, throughtout the year and travel to various other locations for clients. Please send us a note with a location and we will be in touch to talk!

Do you do couples/wedding photography?

While we do specialize in children and family photography, we love couple sessions as well. Just ask and let's chat about it!

Weddings... we are very very particular about accepting a wedding. There are several points that will determine if we accept a wedding, please send us a note with some info! Our wedding rates start at $12,000.

Do you teach other photographers?

YES! I do offer a few options for photographers looking to learn the art of client sales and workflow! Please send me a note with some details about your business and what you are looking for!!